Zeta Maths Algebra Book

There are two problems with most level specific textbooks when it comes to Algebra.  Firstly, they have two few questions for many learners to really develop and master each algebraic skill.  Secondly, the skills developed are determined by the level of the textbook, meaning there is no opportunity for advanced learners to progress their skills beyond any specific level.

Zeta Maths Algebra hopes to solve these problems with our Algebra book.  Each algebraic skill develops slowly, with large numbers of questions to facilitate mastery of each skill.  In addition, each skill develops from the basic to complex, allowing more able learners to be stretched beyond their level, providing depth.

This textbook is designed to help all learners at all levels of high school develop the foundational skills required for A-Level or Higher Mathematics.

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Our books are going online this August to help schools support theirpupils with any future home learning requirements.  Annual subscriptions will be available for the Algebra book (below) and our upcoming National 5+ book.


"This is an excellent book that provides a solid algebraic foundation for any student contemplating studying Higher and A-Level Maths. The examples provide much needed practice in the areas essential for Higher and A-Level and provides consolidation in the broad range of algebraic skills required for National 5 and GCSE Maths. Essential!" 

John Winter, Teaching Fellow and PGDE Mathematics Coordinator, University of Strathclyde

" When the sample copy of Zeta Maths: Algebra appeared in our staff room, the teachers were all over it.  The idea of a resource devoted exclusively to algebra was really intriguing.  The focus on practice with short explanations made it an ideal classroom text - a "one-stop-shop for all your algebra needs"!  Zeta Maths have produced a book which has a logical progression through the key algebraic skills needed for success in Mathematics and the numbering system shows a clear vision to address the basics through the journey from the simplest introduction to algebra right through to more sophisticated techniques helpful for A-Level and Higher Maths. Can't wait to use it!"

Chris Smith, Scottish Teacher of the Year 2018

“The Zeta Maths Algebra book has become an instant hit with both teachers and pupils.  There are plenty of examples for learners at every stage of secondary and allows learners to build their confidence at their own pace.  My S1 class are already asking to try multiplying out two brackets! I think I am finally able to retire my old Heylings Algebra book. This is a must have book for any maths class.” 

Graham Baird, Principal Teacher of Mathematics & Numeracy, St. Luke’s High School

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