Maths Monsters

Maths Monsters’ are a collection of practice books written for the primary school curricula across the UK, to build skills and confidence in young learners through small amounts of regular, fun and engaging home learning.

The books are designed for extra practice at home, or in class. Each book has four short exercises each week, presented in a fun and engaging way, to provide opportunities for young people to practice, develop and consolidate the most essential skills for future study in mathematics.

Learning is a process. It begins with exploration, what then follows is understanding. These first two stages of learning are vital, but they are only the beginning. This is what happens in the classroom, with the instruction and direction of the teacher, but what follows is, in many ways, even more important.  

That’s where our books come in. These books are carefully designed to provide development and consolidation, which are the next stages of learning and are the ones that lead to confidence and lifelong skills. 

Many young people have significant gaps in their learning due to the COVID pandemic and these books are an ideal resource to help fill in gaps and build learners’ confidence in mathematics.


A complete homework solution for your primary school!

These books can be used in class or at home. They are especially useful as a home resource because of the online help provided via

Good home learning is strategic, that is, there is a purpose to the home learning. Maths Monsters books are designed with the purpose of building confidence and strengthening skills, not through one exercise, but over the course of the year.

Good home learning is structured. There are three parts to this: Firstly, it is not just a one-off exercise in which there is little or no opportunity to try any questions again. Maths Monsters provides structure in providing repetitive exercises for learners to build on day-by-day. Secondly, good home learning is also structured in that it helps the learner build routine. If home learning is irregular, it can be difficult for learners to develop regular habits and, therefore, home learning can often be forgotten and becomes much more of a challenge for the learner. Maths Monsters books provide a small amount of home learning each day to facilitate the building of routines for learners. 

Good home learning is straightforward. This may seem obvious, but there is little value in giving learners work that they will not be able to complete easily on their own. This is related to the purpose of home learning, which should be for the practice and consolidation of classroom learning. It should not be an opportunity to challenge learners, which will ultimately only benefit the very able, or to complete an exercise from class, which will only punish the slow. Maths Monsters exercises are straightforward and where any help is needed, online videos are provided, so that children and parents need not stress about it. 

Our Second Level books provided a complete homework solution for primary schools from primary 5-7, providing enough homework for 1 homework exercise every school day for 30 weeks of a school year.

First Level consolidation will also be released soon, to cover primary 4-5.


Online Help Videos and Resources

What sets these books apart is the online help available on the website. QR codes take the learner straight to a help video, an example of how to set out their working, explanations and other resources.