With so many textbooks to choose for each level of mathematics study, why choose Zeta Maths textbooks? There are many good reasons to choose our books, let us highlight a few. 

  • Our books are written by experienced teachers and are designed to suit the teaching and learning experience of the classroom at each level. 
  • Exercises in our books are identified by level, so if there is a skill in the book that is not part of the given level, this will be made clear. 
  • Teaching content is concise and kept minimal, to allow maximum space for practice. 
  • One skill at a time development to make the course as accessible as possible.
  • Navigation through the book is easy, with every exercise and section given a unique name.
  • Answers are included to allow students to be able to self-assess easily.
  • We print our books in Scotland using responsibly sourced paper.
  • Our books are very competitively priced.