CfE Second Level Maths & Numeracy

This book is a comprehensive resource for teachers and learners of Second Level Mathematics & Numeracy. It has been designed to follow the Curriculum for Excellence experiences and outcomes and the corresponding benchmarks.

The book is packed with practice questions for learners. Many of the prerequisite First Level skills and preparatory Third Level skills are included and clearly labelled, to provide sufficient overlap for all learners. Within Third Level, exercises are marked by difficulty level, to build confidence in basic skills as well as challenge and depth.

The book is colour coded by mathematical skill: numerical, algebraic, geometric and statistical. Each skill is developed individually, allowing learners to work through the book in any order. Every exercise is uniquely numbered, making navigation through the book straightforward.

A new book for the modern classroom

Like all our books, the teaching content is kept to a minimum, in order to maximise space for practice questions. This provides significant opportunities for learners to grow confident in their basic skills.

These books also provide exercises for learners to develop their mental agility, encourageing learners to think and communicate the process and then to practise the skills in several mental maths exercises of increasing difficult throughout the book.

Unlike any other textbooks, these books keep the reasoning skills and questions in context in a separate section. Learners are encouraged to develop reading skills first, prior to attempting the question. These sections are throughout the book and contain exercises of increasing difficulty.

Alongside the textbook there are many additional online resources, linked via QR code. to complement teaching and learning. These include: 

  • projects to support the learner experience for budgeting, information handling and mathematician research
  • write-on sheets for coordinates, symmetry, information handling and Maths in Context
  • Mental Maths record sheets 
  • Learning checklists (see below)

Included in this book:

  • Progressive exercises for learners of all abilities
  • Worked examples for each skill
  • Development of skills from Second Level through to Fourth Level preparation
  • Progressive exercises for learners of all abilities
  • Worked examples for each skill
  • Review exercises for each topic
  • Questions in context development sections
  • Mental maths development chapters
  • CfE experiences and outcomes and benchmarks
  • Answers

First Print Corrections

As with any new book, there will be minor corrections and changes to be made from one print to the next. We have compiled a list of corrections from our first prints of the book. These can be downloaded here.