School eBook Subscriptions

We offer our textbooks as an eBook subscription for schools. With so many councils and schools having to tighten the purse strings, this is an ideal option to save your money. At an average of 66p per pupil per year, we believe that this is a much cheaper way to provide textbooks, whether in class and at home or just at home. 

Our eBook platform is already used by tens of thousands of learners across Scotland.

By sending textbooks home with students, the lifespan of the books is reduced significantly, with many only lasting a fraction of the time they could if they remained in school. Not to mention the books that get lost, or damaged beyond repair. Even just sending a few classes of books home, costs considerably more – in the long term – that an eBook subscription. 


Our eBook library currently has CfE Second and Third Level, National 4, 5 and Higher Mathematics and Zeta Maths Algebra. We intend to add National 5 Applications of Mathematics and Fourth Level in the coming year. In addition to our textbooks, we also have Second Level Maths Monsters exercise books and First Level books planned for the coming year.


We have an incredibly simple system for teachers and pupils to access, all that is needed is an internet connection and a single password.


  • Less physical textbooks needed so money saved on textbooks.

  • Simple eBook access, no complicated usernames and passwords for individual students.

  • No more lost books.

  • Less wear and tear on physical textbooks.

  • Every pupil has access to multiple textbooks in class and at home.

See samples of our eBooks and bookcase below:

Find out more about our subscriptions by watching the short video below.



Our subscriptions are very competitively priced. For about the cost of one average priced set of textbooks, you can give every student in your school a book. What’s more, we are always developing new resources and if you have one of our full subscriptions, you will benefit from the addition of any new publications we relaase during your subscription. We plan to add National 5+ Applications of Mathematics by March / April  2023 and CfE Fourth Level later in the year.

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