National 4+ Mathematics

National 4+ Mathematics has been designed to be both an accessible and versatile textbook that can be used for all learners of National 4 Mathematics. Like our other textbooks, we have given minimal space to explanation to allow for maximum space for practice questions.


  • clearly organised format
  • assessment preparation for each unit assessment and the added value assessment
  • significant numbers of practice questions for each skill
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The book is in unit order and each chapter covers a particular topic within the unit. Like our other books, every section and exercise in the book is uniquely identified.

There are review exercises at the end of each chapter of the first two units (expressions & formulae and relationships), which test only the skills required for the unit assessments. There are also revision chapters at the end of these two units, which also cover unit assessment preparation.

The last two chapters of the numeracy unit provide all the practice required for the numeracy unit assessment.

As with our other books, there is more practice for each skill than most learners will ever need.


The versatility of the book is in the layout and additional content. There are many exercises throughout the book that provide National 3 review and National 5 Applications and Mathematics preparation. Each of these exercises are clearly labelled by level, so the learner is in no doubt what level of work they are completing.

The numeracy unit provides a great deal of non-calculator numeracy practice, which is ideal for the added value paper and for progression to National 5 Applications.

So whether National 4 Mathematics is an end point qualification, or a stepping stone to National 5 Applications or Mathematics, this resource is ideal.

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Download a free copy of our National 4+ learning checklist.  Where the textbook goes beyond National 4, this checklist is designed only to cover the skills required for National 4 unit assessments and added value.  It has been written to complement the National 4+ textbook, with each section corresponding to the appropriate textbook section.  This allows students to easily find practice for skills that they are finding difficult. The checklist can be used with or without the book.